1978 Foundation of the company as a sole proprietorship
1982 Foundation of SST Sicherheitstechnik HAVERKAMP GmbH
1986 Change of company name to HAVERKAMP SST Sicherheitstechnik GmbH
1988 Foundation of Havaco Folientechnik GmbH
1991 Foundation of HAVERKAMP Security Fences GmbH
1999 Merger of the companies SST Sicherheitstechnik HAVERKAMP GmbH and Havaco Folientechnik GmbH into HAVERKAMP GmbH
2000 Purchase of HAVERKAMP Security Fences GmbH as a 100% subsidiary with the directors Ulrich Haverkamp and Bernward Altmeppen Spin-off of the project area as HAVERKAMP Projekt GmbH.
2002 Launch of the automotive window film trade mark SL® – The Window Film in the HAVERKAMP brand world.